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Expert Engineering and Scientifically Based Forensic Fire Analysis

Dedicated to the preservation of life, property and continuity of operations from fire, process hazards and related perils.

FIRE & RISK ENGINEERING was established to provide expert guidance in the forensic analysis of fires, explosions and related incidents; in addition to post-incident evaluation, this includes the ability to provide direction with regard to the taking of pre-emptive action for protection against these types of losses. 

Primary expertise in this arena includes scientific and engineering-based knowledge and application of the chemistry, physics and dynamics of fire; the interaction of fire protection, construction and life safety systems; the complexities that affect both conventional and atypical fire behavior and spread; relevant human behavior parametrics that relate to life safety; and the performance of fire protection systems, all of which are dependent variables that are critical to these evaluation.  Our solid background, diverse capabilities and responsiveness are especially important for those projects having complex engineering, technological and business risk dynamics.

As a result of engineering-level understanding and qualification in the fields of fire protection, science and dynamics, FIRE & RISK ENGINEERING maintains superior expertise that is essential in the forensic analysis of fires and explosions.  FIRE & RISK ENGINEERING also provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to fire, life safety and similar business exposures. Focused expertise, combined with the sound application of engineering principles, is one of our greatest assets. 

Of significance, FIRE & RISK ENGINEERING is neither associated with nor favors any ownership entity, insurance carrier, manufacturer or type/brand of fire protection equipment or methodology; as a result, our opinions are completely objective, relevant, unbiased and scientifically-based.  Further, regardless of the size or nature of a project, technical excellence, integrity and reliability are the standard

Selected Professional Services:

  • Forensic Analysis of Fires, Explosions and Related Phenomena
  • Arson Analysis
  • Fatal Fire Analysis
  • Fire Burn Injury Instrumentality Analysis
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Sprinkler/Water Supply System Performance and Design Analysis
  • Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Evaluation and Analysis
  • Fire Protection System Failure Analysis
  • Fire & Life Safety Assessment
  • Fire Hazard Analysis
  • Disassembly and Inspection (D&I) Examination of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment
  • Equipment and Systems Failure Analysis
  • Fire Cause and Origin Determination
  • Fire Incident Reconstruction
  • Large Loss and Fatal Fire Investigation
  • Litigation Support and Expert Services
  • Fire & Building Code Consulting
  • Fire & Life Safety Master Planning and Program Development
  • Performance-Based Fire Protection and Life Safety Plans
  • Facility Fire/Explosion and Business Risk Assessment
  • Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Special Occupancy Protection 
  • Highly Protected Risk (HPR) and Special Hazards Evaluation 
  • Flammable, Explosive and Chemical Hazards Analysis
  • Emergency Response Evaluation and Planning 
  • Industrial/Municipal Fire Defense Assessment
  • Insurance Services Office (ISO) Fire Suppression Rating Evaluation

Whether a project involves a high hazard or mission critical process, a multi-building or mixed-use complex, a forensic application or other fire protection/risk management challenge, FIRE & RISK ENGINEERING is a leading, reliable and expert resource in protecting life, property and the continuity of operations, as well as evaluating the cause of failures.

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