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Investigation and Reconstruction:

  • Evaluation of Fire and Explosion Phenomena
  • Analysis of Fire Cause, Origin and Spread
  • Reconstruction of Fire and Explosion Incidents
  • Investigation of Large Loss and Fatal Fires


  • Engineering-Based Technical Evaluations
  • What-If, Consequence, Sensitivity and Reliability Analysis
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony


Engineering Evaluations:

  • Fire Resistance and Testing Evaluations
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Hazard Identification, Assessment and Mitigation
  • Systems Reliability Analysis
  • Special Hazards and High Challenge Exposure Protection
  • Systems Acceptance and Commissioning

Fire Protection Systems Analysis:

  • Sprinkler (Wet, Dry, Pre-Action, Deluge, Water Spray and Exposure Protection)
  • Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) and Specific Application Systems
  • Standpipe and Hose Systems
  • High, Medium and Low Expansion Foam and Water-Foam Sprinkler Systems
  • Fixed Pipe and Oscillating Monitor Systems
  • Explosion Protection Systems
  • Wet and Dry Chemical Suppression Systems
  • Gaseous Extinguishing Systems: Carbon Dioxide; Halon; and Inert Gas 
  • Water Mist and Alternative Agent Systems

Water Supply and Distribution Systems:

  • Municipal, Private and Industrial Systems
  • Water Distribution and Storage Facilities
  • Fire Pumps and Controls
  • Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion Evaluation

Fire Detection, Alarm and Communication Systems:

  • Smoke Detection: Ionization, Photo-electric, Optical Beam
  • Combustible and Corrosive Gas Detection
  • Optical Flame Detection: Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR) and Combined Spectrum
  • Thermal Detection: Spot and Linear
  • High Sensitivity (Air Sampling): Photoelectric, Laser and Cloud Chamber
  • High Rise Communication and Alarm Systems
  • Central Supervising Station Systems


Business Interruption and Interdependency:

  • Cost/Benefit and Consequence Evaluation
  • Highly-Protected Risk (HPR) and Loss Control Engineering
  • Insurance Carrier Negotiations

Facility and Business Risk Assessments:

  • Fire, Explosion and Process Hazard Analysis
  • Exposure Identification, Assessment and Mitigation
  • Process and Utility Loss Exposures
  • Process Safety Management and Hazardous Operations Analysis
  • Protection of Control Centers and Mission Critical Facilities
  • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP)
  • Candidate Facility Evaluation

Property Protection, Life Safety and Business Interruption:

  • Evaluation/Development of Corporate Policy, Standards and Loss Prevention Programs 
  • Master and Performance Specifications
  • Fire/Life Safety Loss Prevention Programs
  • Fire Protection System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Programs
  • Flammable/Combustible Liquids and Compressed/Liquefied Petroleum Gas Programs

Performance-Based Protection:

  • Evaluation of Fire Growth and Exposure
  • Fire Detection, Suppression, Egress, and Smoke Management Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems Design and Building Construction Options/Equivalencies
  • Mission-Based Objective and Alternative Approach Development

Fire and Building Code Consulting:

  • Code Interpretations and Negotiations
  • Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Shop Drawing Evaluation
  • Coordination of Disciplines
  • Code Compliance and Accreditation Review


Emergency Response Planning:

  • Pre-Fire Assessments and Planning
  • Incipient, Advanced Exterior and Structural Fire Brigades
  • Chemical and Hazardous Material Capabilities
  • Fireground Operations and Procedures
  • Plant Emergency Organization

Fire and Emergency Defense Deployment:

  • ISO Fire Suppression Grading Assessments
  • NFPA 1500 and 1900-series Compliance Studies
  • Fire Station Response Time and Siting Evaluations
  • Firefighting Apparatus Procurement Specification


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